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PVC Resin

PVC is one of the most widely used thermoplastics, and its properties, such as robustness or durability, can be changed as necessary according to the types of additives mixed during the processing process. Thanks to these characteristics, PVC is extensively used in a variety of areas, from construction materials to household commodities.


Its availability in many rigid and flexible forms—both durable and light-weight, clear or colored—gives designers opportunities that they would not find in any other materials. 


Examples of end-use applications include pipe, siding, fencing, decking, railing, windows and doors, automotive, wire and cable, blown film, medical, and many other rigid and flexible applications.


Types: PVC Suspension Ethylene, Carbide Based, etc

Brands: Xinfa, Sinopec, CGPC, Tianjin Dagu, West Lake, Formosa, Erdos, Zhongtai, Sulfido, etc. 

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