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TLD Vietnam understands the importance of partnering with a brand you can trust to provide quality products and services. With a full range of products and customized specifications, you can get all of your products and services from on convenient source.

Ground Calcium Carbonate (CreCarb)

TLD Vietnam offers a wide range of calcium carbonate in different particle sizes, assuring that our different customers will get suitable quality material with cost-efficiency. We have the purest and brightest source of calcium carbonate (brightness is 96% minimum and whiteness is 98% minimum). Raw materials are chosen carefully, and the production process is conducted in ISO-standard factories to ensure the most consistent quality for end-users.



Premium stones, whose minimum purity is 98.5%, are exploited in Yen Bai province.

Advanced technology and modern machines are from Germany, Taiwan, and China.

A wide range of particle sizes,
4 – 450 microns, are tailored to customers’ requirements.

TLD Vietnam has years of experience in exporting to
more than 50 countries.

The quality control follows international standards: ISO, Reach, and RoH.

Uncoated CreCarb

Uncoated calcium carbonate is natural calcium carbonate obtained from high-purity Vietnam lime stone. It is used in many industries as a filler to reduce production costs. We can provide a wide range of particle sizes, from 4 to 450 microns.

Coated CreCarb

Coated calcium carbonate is made from uncoated calcium carbonate with 1% stearic acid. It is used to replace some expensive polymers and additives to reduce production costs, with particle sizes ranging from 4 to 30 microns.


Properties Standard
CaCO3 98.5% Minimum
Fe2O3 0.02% Maximum
MgO 0.05% Maximum
SiO2 0.05% Maximum
Al2O3 0.03% Maximum
Properties Standard
Density 2.65 – 2.7 g/cm
Hardness 3 Moh
Moisture 0.20%
Oil Absorption 23/100g CaCO3
Whiteness 98% Minimum
Brightness 96% Minimum

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