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Urbanization is growing exponentially and impacting the construction industry strongly. The industry is becoming more competitive, and the market shifts dramatically. It makes efficiency-improving technology the biggest differentiator for construction companies, maintaining competitiveness and continuous development in the market. They must build faster, smarter, and more sustainable products that are cost-effective and high-performing.

That is the reason why the construction industry is still testing new materials and new methods of building. Lighter, stronger materials allow the construction of larger, more open structures with less support.

At TLD Vietnam, we supply a wide range of minerals and chemicals as an effective material solution based on listening to our valued customers requirements and expectations. Our package of minerals and chemicals can be used in every industry, such as cement-based products, ceramics, paints and coatings, glass, plasters, adhesives and sealants,etc. All of our minerals and chemicals are being supplied continuously with the most suitable and consistent quality at the most reasonable price, which can improve the performance of your products and reduce formulation costs.


Marble is an artificial stone commonly used in luxury interior and exterior architecture and is increasingly popular among architects and people around the world.

Marble is made of calcium carbonate (GCC and PCC) powder, adhesives, and additives. Calcium carbonate powder accounts for the majority of the density, mainly making up the hardness and whiteness of white marble.

TLD always provides the most suitable materials to our customers, such as GCC and PCC, for marble manufacturers, bringing not only monetary value but also trust.


Ceramics are indispensable in our homes and buildings in general; tableware, sanitary ware, tiles, floor tiles, pipes, and refractory bricks are all 100% industrial minerals used to produce them.

Almost all industrial minerals are used to make ceramic bodies, though in varying proportions according to the application.

The glazes that cover them, making them attractive or simply fit for use, are largely composed of minerals. One of the indispensable minerals for glaze production is kaolin, thanks to its important properties such as plasticity, shrinkage (after drying and on firing), color on firing, and refractoriness.

Technological developments in the ceramic sector are an area in which industrial minerals are at the forefront of progress. Being made of minerals, the properties of these new ceramics are obviously tightly dependent upon those of their raw materials, and purity requirements are becoming increasingly stringent. Our kaolins, with their very bright firing colors, guarantee an optimal, highly transparent-to-colored appearance of your glazes. Thanks to the low iron and titanium values, our Kaolin grades are characterized by a very white firing color and low alkali content. The kaolin types in this series have special, improved properties in terms of rheology, plasticity, and fragmentation—a clear advantage for the dominant production technologies, such as isostatic press molding and die casting.


Glass production is one of the most important industrial sectors and has been witnessing significant growth on account of increasing demand from the architecture and packaging industries for the past few years. There are two main categories of glass: float glass (windows in buildings and cars) and container glass (bottles, tableware, etc.). Besides, specialty glass is produced in lower quantities but accounts for important technological uses as well as in our everyday lives.

The glass industry is one of the primary consuming markets for industrial minerals, with the highest demand in terms of volume for limestone, dolomite, silica sand, soda ash, etc. The specifications of the mineral are crucial to the properties of the glass, notably its color, brightness, and resistance.

In the glass industry, limestone and dolomite provide the necessary CaO and MgO portions of the glass. In particular, dolomite (MgO) has a positive effect both on the melting process and the properties of the glass. The glass industry prefers high-grade dolomite with as little iron and silica content as possible. Besides, Calcium Carbonate is used as a stabilizer that can adjust viscosity and increase the durability of glass.

TLD Vietnam supplies the glass industry with a package of raw materials, including high-quality products of consistent chemical composition and particle size, which brings lots of advantages for your production:

  • Material composition that meets your purity specification.
  • Increase durability and chemical wear resistance, giving you a better-quality product.
  • Physical and chemical consistency for efficient production.
  • Available in a range of particle sizes that target your proper batch size.

Adhesives & Sealants

Adhesives and sealants are chemicals that are indispensable in the construction industry and some other consumer industries.

Calcium carbonate (GCC and PCC) is a relatively soft, insoluble mineral. That’s why it is widely used in adhesives, caulks, and sealant applications as a rheology modifier, cost-reducing filler, tensile strength enhancer, shrinkage control material, toughening agent, opacifier, or whitening agent.

Calcium carbonate powder is blocky in shape, which allows for low surface area and viscosity. Its low surface area allows the formulator to use large amounts in the formulation, compared with most other mineral products, sometimes up to 80% of the formulation.

For adhesives and sealants, we can offer a variety of particle-size distributions, resulting in options to meet almost every adhesive and sealant application, but as usual, uncoated calcium carbonate, particle size 20–24 microns, will be the first choice.

For adhesives, TLD Vietnam provides GCC and PCC as the main products, along with the best performance solutions. Our customers come from many countries, like Bangladesh, India, Australia, Nepal, etc.

Paints, Coatings & Inks

Paint is a colored, clear, liquid, or solid substance that, when applied to a surface and exposed to heat, certain chemicals, or air, converts to a dry, coherent, and adherent film. Therefore, paints are used to protect metals, timber, or any other surfaces from the corrosive effects of weather, heat, moisture, gases, etc., and also to improve their appearance. Paints in common use are classified as oil paints, water paints, etc., or even "special paints" (which are used for special purposes).

Many criteria are considered in order for a paint to be evaluated as a good paint. They can be listed as below:

  • Completely covering the subsurface.
  • Easy application.
  • Resistance against friction, scratching, and wiping.
  • Capacity to shield surfaces from environmental factors and chemical effects like soap and detergent.
  • Vibrant and pigmented color.

To achieve all these criteria, paint will be composed of pigments, solvents, resins, and various additives. TLD Vietnam, a chemical and mineral supplier, can give you the zinc stearate, titanium dioxide, and ground and precipitated calcium carbonate you need to make high-quality paint. Our Calcium Carbonate which has at least 97% whiteness with different particle sizes and high opacity, certainly assures the thick covering of your paint. TIO2 has an incredible ability to scatter light, create long-lasting, high brightness, and has special UV light resistance properties to prevent discoloration in sunlight. Meanwhile, Zinc Stearate helps suspend pigments, improves grindability and gloss, and also acts as a flattening agent for lacquers.

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